Women's cut's        Strightners
Men's Cut's              Blow Drys
Kids Cut's                 Up Do's
Color Retouch         Acrilic  and Shalac      
Highlights                Manicures
Perms                      Pedicures
     Merceds salon was established in 2014 , but Mersedes has been here working sence it's conception in 2006. Always looking for top notch Stylist to work with . The stylist here at Mercedes are committed to quality and hold themselves up to a higher standard . Color, Corrective Color , Perms , Highlites , Cuts (Men and Women) we even cut Kid's hair. If you are looking for a stylist look no futher. Walk in or make an appointment today . We look forward to helping you with all your styling needs. Don't forget we do Nails and pedicures

Staying Ahead

Furter Education and Giving Classes

    At Mercedes we belive in futuring our Education. Pertisipating and giving calles.  
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